U Channel Wire Mesh Deck for Pallet Racking

Spieth galvanized wire mesh decking, as an accompany of pallet racks, is an effective method to enhance the versatility and safety for pallet racks, is used at most warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Normally its finishes include powder coating and galvanizing. Wire mesh decking comes in various thickness and mesh dimensions. Most of it has U shape channel or flared shaper supports to support the loading. Our wire mesh decking is widely exported to the US, UK, France& Australia, etc, enjoying great popularity all over the world.

The advantages of wire mesh decking:

●  Improves the overall efficiency of pallet rack system,

●  Prevent the items falling from the pallet racks

●  Do not need maintenance and very easy for installation

●  Prevents dust from accumulating

●  Allows air and light to flow through each storage level.

●  complies with state and local Fire codes, providing an open deck so the heat can reach the sprinklers and allows water to extinguish the fire.

Wire Mesh Decking Specification
Size(Inch) Wire Size(Inch) Wire Guage(MM) Total Weight(KG)
36*46 2.5*4.5 5.5/5.26 8.8/8.33
42*46 11.44/10.91
44*46 11.94/11.39
48*46 12.99/12.39
36*52 9.24/8.73
42*52 11.93/11.35
44*52 12.45/11.86
48*52 13.55/12.9
  Select the Wire Mesh Decking channel and waterfall is based on the type of beam your warehouse using for. Flared Channel   U Channel                     Wire Mesh Decking Drawing (two types) [caption id="attachment_1388" align="alignnone" width="560"] wire mesh decking drawing[/caption]   Non-standard wire mesh decking