Wire Decking 42×46 for Warehouse Pallet Racking

This 42 x 46 inch standard wire decking is reinforced with formed galvanized steel channels welded or powder coating to the wire mesh. Manufactured in China, our galvanized wire decking are pefect match with pallet racking. With strong, safe and easy to install character, testing has shown galvanized wire decking to outlast than powder coating decking, in the other way, powder coating wire decking is more cheaper than the galvanized welded wire decking. Features ●  Compatible Frame Depth = 42″ ●  Wire Decking Width = 46″ ●  Powder coating/ Galvanized ●  Weight capacity of 2200lbs for high caliber load support ●  Keep your warehouse safety
U-channel Wire Decking
Dim (D×W) (inch)
24″×46″ 36″×52″ 36″×58″
30″×46″ 42″×52″ 42″×58″
36″×46″ 44″×52″ 48″×58″
42″×46″ 48″×52″
Capacity 2500-3000lbs Capacity 2500-3000lbs Capacity 2500-2800lbs

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