Boltless Metal Shelving Units

The boltless metal shelving is called because the whole is connected by rivets, and because the column is made of steel, it can be called boltless steel shelving. The boltless shelving unit is suitable for storing light and small items, and the warehouse is used to manually access the goods, he can also be used in offices, supermarkets, and other places. The structure of the boltless shelving is very simple, it is mainly composed of a number of columns, beams, and laminates. The boltless shelving uprights post is formed by rolling and punching with excellent strip steel and then cut into 38x38mm angle steel according to the specified height. The beams are also made of fine strip steel, and the manufacturing process is similar to the uprights. Advantages of Boltless Metal Shelving 1. The required items can be found very quickly. 2. The boltless rivet shelving Can greatly improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse or office. 3. It can make the warehouse or office more tidy, spacious, and beautiful. 4. People in the warehouse or office can have a more comfortable mentality every day.

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