Spieth Storage Heavy duty cantilever racking system

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks are particularly suitable for storing long and heavy goods,such as woods,metal tubes,plastic pipes. It usually locating the arms or plates on one or both sides of the holding structure. It has features like structural stability, high loading capacity, bulk of storage. It's suitable for industrial storaging.All the sizes, gauges and accessories of cantilever racking are selectable to meet your requirements.

The elevations of Cantilever arms can be easily adjustable accommodating to any size of goods. Its unique Rotate Arms design can prevent goods and arms from being damaged by accidental operations. This smart heavy duty racks have high safety factor, satisfy your modern warehousing needs of low cost, low loss and high efficiency. Advantages 1. Sturdy design and high stability. Large footplates ensure that the load is evenly distributed on the floor. 2.Adjustable rang of all arms height up to 100mm,fit different sizes of products. 3. Unique Rotate design,prevent cantilever arms from damaging during loading and unloading. 4.Faster to load and unload by forklift or manual work than other racking system.

 Cantilever Rack Upright Column
Series 305 Series 350 Series 410
Spec. Height (mm) Capacity(Kgs) Spec. Height (mm) Capacity(Kgs) Spec. Height (mm) Capacity(Kgs)
Single side Double Sides Single side Double Sides Single side Double Sides
305*96 2500 6800 13600 350*96 5000 8500 17000 410*96 5500 12500 25000
3000 6400 12800 5500 8100 16200 6000 12000 24000
3500 5900 11800 6000 7700 15400 6500 11000 22000
4000 5600 11200 6500 7200 14400 7000 10000 20000
4500 5400 10800 7000 6700 13400 7500 9500 19000
5000 5100 10200 7500 6300 12600 8000 9200 18400
5500 4500 9000 8000 5800 11600 8500 8700 17400
6000 4200 8400 8500 5400 10800 9000 7500 15000

Cantilever rack column is made of roll-formed C/C profile quality steel. Upright column standard series varies as their widths as 305mm (12"),350mm(13 3/4) and 410mm (16") in order to meet different weight loading demand. With our particular manufacturing technique, column hole frequency error range can be controlled under 0.1 mm per 10 meters which guaranteed the quality and save the time on pitch adjustment during installation.

Base length must be the same or greater than the arm length.The bases are used primarily as ananti-tip device in addition to being a load bearing structure. For roll-fromed CIC cantilever system,the choosing of single or double side base should be determinded in advance according to the proposed storage demand and the actual circum stances on site. Cantilever arms are the heart of the Cantilever rack system.Proper selection can make or break a successful storage plan.Spieth storage offers variable arms compatible with C/C column. Arms can be adjusted easily up and down the column and are available in length with a variety of capacities from 700 ~1,500 kgs (1,500 ~ 3,300 lbs).

Cantilever Arms can be welded to different positions on the connector according to customized load requirement. Straight, standard and inclined arms are available.

The load must be supported by enough arms to prevent load deflection. Deflection may cause damage to the load being stored as well as the arms. To detect deflection, place the load over two or three cantilever arms. The load should overhang the end arms by half of the distance between one unit of column centerlines.Fallure to observe this measure may cause an over load condition on the arm.

H and X bracing are used in different sizes of heavy duty cantilever racks to meet the stability demand of the whole racking structure. Adjustable H and X bracing complies with the upright columns with different heights and centerline-distance.

Arm Bracket is the most essential accessory which used on cantilever rack.Arm Bracket is installed on the cantilever arm and connected with self-screws.Horizontal bar is locked aside of Arm Bracket, it also could be attached with vertical bar on the top. Wire mesh deck or steel shelf could be overlaid on the frame that formed by horizontal and vertical bars. By practice, small cargos with irregular shape could be stored on wire mesh decks and cartons or boxes corresponded steel shelf.

The most suitable lift trucks for working with cantilever rack are side-loading lift trucks.These trucks require lateral guides in the loading aisles in order to move around safely without accidental impact against racking structure.The distance between the guides and loads and the type of beam required,depend on the model of lift truck.
Rack system could be refitted with roof support components as single or double side roof-covered storage unit. Purlin clips included. The use of roof supports can significantly reduce the rack's capacity due to wind and snow loads. We supply customized design for the roof supports to conform with local wind and snow load conditions.
Cantilever rack is often installed outdoors.We also provides hot dip galvanizing(HDG) surface treatment product to protect the rack from weathers, temperatures and extreme circumstances in different seasons, like summer rain,sun burn, winter cold and snow. By the mix-wise using of HDG cantilever racks and accessories, to store inside a warehouse with many huge, dumb and long shape materials like lumber,timber, automobile shell,tubing, piping eto. won't be necessary. In suchcases, cantilever rack is a very economical and trouble-free choice.

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