Customzied cantilever racking system from Spieth Storage

Not need to buy used shelving racks in your local outside of China right now,just purchase our all new racking systems from origin factory,save your money too.

Our Cantilever Racks use C/C roll-formed upright column which are made of hot-rolled coil, cantilever arms and upright columns are bolted connected by lifting lug.

With the surface of our cantilever shelving are powder coating treatment,well protected against corrosion and rust. stable and duable. Common height of upright column is 6 m,highest can up to 10.5m as you need Best solution for long and irregular material goods stored.

The Cantilever Rack base is a welded single unit bolted with column. Adjustable diagonal flats and connecting bar are designed to improve the whole stability. Our arm has a 2° uptilt which can make sure the arm won’t tilt down while goods placing.

Each of cantilever arm has loading ability up to 1500kg,the longest arm can last to 3m,even more special design. We supply single-side and double-side cantilever racks meet your warehouse storage needs.All of the racks have advantages of flexible operation, high safety factor, managed easily.

Relationships of length between single/double side cantilever rack base and arm are as follows: Single Base(L)=Arm length+390mm; Double Base(L)=Arm length*2+318mm;

H-bracing and X-bracing

Item Dimension C/C Distance
H-bracing 60x30x2.5 500mm-2000mm
X-bracing Φ32x1.5

C/C distance 1000, 1200,1400, 1600, 1800, 2000. Customize dimension is supported by Spieth Storage.

Selectable accessories of Cantilever racking make sure you can store many types of goods,lumbers,pipes,pallet panels etc. can be loading on the racks.

With advanced over sea logistic shipping now,you can receive our racking systems from China in nearly one month after payment,so you not need to search keywords like "cantilever racks near me"in google to buy racks in local,that may save a little time but cost your much more money.You can purchase all types of pallet racking,metal shelving and flower trolley fit your need in the economical way from us.Welcome to inquire.

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