Customized Cantilever Pipe Rack for Our Malaysia Clients

The cantilevered pipe rack comes with all the parts needed to assemble the cantilevered rack, the arms of the cantilevered rack extend from its frame to create multiple storage levels. Also known as medium-duty cantilever racks and pipe storage racks, cantilever lumber racks store long products such as tubing and pipes in maintenance departments, tool rooms, machining workshops, and storage areas. The entry unit can be used alone as an independent rack. The add-on unit can be connected to an existing starter unit or add-on unit to create a multi-unit cantilever rack system, and they cannot be used alone as a stand-alone rack. Customized cantilever rack for Malaysia clients. A cantilever pipe rack is a special storage rack, it is mainly suitable for storing various long materials, ring materials, plates, and irregular materials. The main feature for this project is the client adds the 3 support beams per level to store the goods when it is needed to be pallet. Each level can hold 700kg. Spieth is a professional manufacturer of various racks and shelves, and with over 10 professional designers and engineers, Spieth offers customized racks at client request, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact with Spieth sales team.

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