Industrial Storage Longspan Shelving

The industrial storage longspan shelving is the perfect storage solution for heavy hand-loaded items or bulky goods and can store pallets underneath. Due to its powerful design, the longspan shelving system does not require bottom shelves, which means that floor pallets can be stored. The longspan shelving allows you to store heavy objects on a large span due to the sturdy design of the beam and the thickness of the steel. This makes it ideal for easy storage of heavy, bulky, or very wide loads, such as pipe or timber storage. Longspan shelving contains a variety of beams and frames that can be easily customized to meet precise storage needs. Different compartment lengths can be combined to store various items, and specially designed accessories further expand the versatility. Industrial storage longspan shelving has a fully adjustable shelf height and a large span. It is suitable for everything from small parts to long, heavy, or bulky goods. Due to its modular design and boltless locking system, it can be installed in a few minutes without special tools. The longspan shelving system has a high frame capacity, which means you can integrate many layers in one compartment. This type of heavy-duty largespan shelving is particularly economical when constructing connected compartments. All you need is a starter bay and the required number of add-on bays.

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