Titanium Metal Screen Thin Stainless Steel Home Divider whole sale

You can call the metal screen as home divider or screen partition,they are the same meaning.We provide all kinds of luxury style stainless steel screens for indoor, airport, hotel and other public places.

The size of our metal screen can be customized,and the color and surface treatment too.Surface processing contains Anodizing, Power Coating, Polished.The color contains Black,silver,gold,rose gold,etc.,multi color for our customers choise.

Our stainless screen with their customization,stainless steel materials,direct factory,and high hardness,very good for people to choose.

AS the stainless steel screen does not rust,they has good corrosion resistance.With their good metal luster,they are good for decorative looks modern and high-end.

Stainless steel is easy to process,so our metal screen can be made with different types of texture.The stainless steel screen with multi arc ion plating color is gorgeous, colorless,reasonably divide the space at the same time.

Advantages of Our stainless steel screen:

1.Highest strength, no deformation, good compression performance.

2.Not be corroded, pitted, rusted or worn,keep the integrity of engineering design permanently.

3.Meet the architect's design needs. It has various styles and can maintain long-term durability.

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