Heavy Duty Longspan Warehouse Shelving

Heavy duty longspan shelving is also called longspan warehouse shelving. The heavy duty longspan shelving is designed for warehouses that manually store goods and remove goods from the shelves. The shelving system also optimizes the use of warehouse heights, as higher floors can be accessed mechanically through equipment that lifts the operator to the required height (stacker or picking forklift) or through aisles located between shelves. The versatility of longspan warehouse shelving provides a system with a system that meets multiple needs: multi-layer can maximize the storage capacity of small and medium-sized items. It is a sturdy, durable, multi-functional, and economical pallet racking and shelving system. It has a beautiful appearance and minimizes the space loss of the column, making it from archives to cars, factories, warehouses, retail, wholesale, and commerce. Advantages of Longspan Shelving • High-density storage of small items. • Store large, heavy and large items. • Store long, oddly shaped, or awkward items. • Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads. • Ideal option for different article types and split turnover. • Adjustable load levels. • Racks up to 20 m high can be built. • A wide range of components adaptable to your needs.

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