Redirack Beam Connector for Canada Pallet Rack

Redirack pallet racks are the most common type of warehouse pallet storage and are used in a large variety of settings up here in Canada. Redirack consists of upright columns and a pair of cross beams at each level. To span between cross beams, you'll need wire mesh decking, steel laminate, or safety bars. They form a "shelf" that secures the racking structure and makes the storage racking unit more stable and safer. Pallets and other items are placed on these items. Depending on the height of your pallets and the height of your ceilings, you can often create multiple levels for each unit or "compartment," also called tiers or shelves, per unit or 'bay'.   A single bay is one pallet deep, but two-deep systems are frequently used. In this case, row spacers (also called 'running spacers') are attached to pallet racking units when they are arranged in back-to-back rows. The spacers are installed between adjacent columns to ensure the rows remain straight and to give the pallet rack greater strength and stability. This also maintains a fixed safety clearance between double-sided rows (or runs) of storage racking. The surface of the redirack upright frame has rectangular punch-out slots and side holes to accommodate hooks located at the ends of the redirack beams. In these photos, you can see the details of the redirack joinery pattern. Slotted cut-outs are visible on the surface of the upright frame. The pattern of these cutout slots is unique to redirack. Each brand has a different slot pattern. When you examine the redirack upright, you will notice that there is a groove in the center of the vertical frame face with rectangular openings that accommodate the hooks located at each end of each beam. Each end of the redirack beam is securely attached to the upright frame with a 6-point connection (3 face punches and 3 side hooks). This redirack stepped beam shows the hooks on both ends of the beam. This is an internal view of the beam. These strong hooks attach into the slots in the grove on the face of the upright. Once connected, these hooks are not seen from the outside. These cross beams not only hold the frame in an upright position, but they also serve as shelves, tiers, or tiers for pallets or other inventory.  

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