Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking System

The very narrow aisle racking system is a kind of storage cross beam pallet racking. Because the forklift transportation channel of the storage rack system is relatively narrow, and the channel design is within 1600-2000mm, it is named narrow aisle or narrow aisle rack. It greatly improves the utilization rate. Advantages of Very Narrow Aisle Racking System
  1. The storage rack height can be designed to be more than 9 meters, and the channel is 1600-2000 mm, which is about 30% more efficient than the previous 3000 mm channel.
  2. Access to goods is more accurate and effective.
  3. More convenient management under the premise of multi storage.
Disadvantages of Very Narrow Aisle Racking System
  1. Very strict requirements on the ground, the first is the ground flatness, because narrow lane forklift if the two sides of the wheel are not smooth, it will bring danger to the operation.For example, if the ground height of the two wheels is 5mm different after the forks are raised to a high altitude, the forks incline to one side to 50nmm. If the two goods are not stacked neatly, it is easy to touch the goods. The second is the ground subsidence amount: because the foundation is the soft foundation, it will cause natural subsidence for one or several years, and it will also cause the ground to be uneven.In addition, there is a support block at the bottom of the VNA forklift. In order to ensure that the forklift will not dump, the gap between this support block and the ground is about 15mm. If the ground is not flat, it will rub against the ground.
  2. The forklift shall be skilled in operation.
  3. Forklift cost is higher than ordinary cost.
VNA can be considered if the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics:
  • The quantity of goods stored is large, the goods in and out are frequent, and there are high requirements for goods selection;
  • The storage and logistics center needs to increase the number of storage spaces or have a certain amount of storage;
  • High level of logistics efficiency is required.
  • The available net height of the warehouse is higher than 8m;
  • The forklift can be an independent storage forklift, and it is not planned to use the storage forklift to drive out of the room for other tasks.