Flared Channel Galvanized Wire Decking

Flared Channel galvanized wire decking is a common storage tool. There are two kinds of conventional mesh and American mesh, one with conventional beam and the other with stepped beam. The structure is slightly different. The raw materials of galvanized wire decking are mainly welding wire and reinforcing bar. The welding wire is an iron wire with a diameter of 3-6mm. The welding wire is connected together through spot welding or touch welding process. The diameter of the welding wire itself has changed, and the distance between the two welding wires will affect the bearing of grid laminate. The reinforcing bar is a curved U-shaped iron bar, and the iron bars at both ends of American grid laminate will not be flattened, Instead, a certain distance is reserved. For the conventional grid laminate, the iron bars at both ends will be flattened, and the thickness and quantity will also affect the bearing. The stiffener will generally be welded below the welding wire, which can play the role of support on the one hand and fixation on the other.(1-Stiffeners,2-Welding wire),The following figure shows the American grid laminate. The length of the stiffener is shorter than the depth of the mesh, so as to adapt to the steps of the American stepped beam. Loading capacity The bearing capacity of grid laminates is related to the materials used, such as wire diameter, number of stiffeners, thickness and overall dimensions. The bearing capacity can reach 2 tons. Wire diameter: 3.0mm-6.0mm Size: suitable for shelf size, with length and width of about 1.2m Stiffener thickness: 1.0-2.0mm Number of stiffeners: 2-5 Adjust the bearing capacity by adjusting the proportion of these parts   Other Usage Used with cantilever shelf Use with and divider plate Used with wire mesh decking    

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