light duty boltless rivet shelves supplied by spieth storage

This is a light duty rivet shelf with 90KG loading ability per layer using roll-form upright thinner than corner steel uprights, easily assembled and adjustable.

Our Boltless rivet shelves made from high-quality steel, have a beautiful appearance and strong bearing capacity and can be used in a variety of occasions, such as garages, supermarkets, industrial lightweight storage, etc.

Features of boltless rivet shelves:

1) Every layer of the board can be adjusted freely;

2) Color and sizes customized for your requirements;

3) Durable standing posts are good looking and anti-rust with good powder-coating;

4) Popular design and perforated back panel, easy to assemble and dismantle, have strong construction.

Outer Hole Uprights

The outer hole design is more convenient for installation and layer spacing adjustment.

Inner Hole Uprights

The inner hole design is more load-bearing and very beautiful.

Laminate Stiffener

Each laminate is equipped with stiffeners which has stronger load-bearing and is not easy to deform.

Bottom Corner Sleeve

A protective corner cover is installed at the bottom to prevent slip and protect the floor.

Components of boltless rivet shelves:

1. Beams (Z & C shape selectable)

2. Foot cover

3. External hole uprights

4. Inner hole uprights

5. Wood laminate or iron laminate

Spieth Storage supplies from light duty to heavy duty shelving racks are used widely in many scenes shown in the following image, the structure contains bolted and boltless, corner steel and roll-form, size, and color customize to your need, welcome to contact us.

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