wholesale pallet rack accessories cheap price from spieth storage

Spieth Storage offers all rack accessories to modify racks to fit stored products. Shelving accessories are often required for safe storage and warehouse operations. They provide additional functions for your shelves and warehouses such as support, protection, connection.

1. Row spacer Use back-to-back dividers to maintain even spacer between rows of pallet racks. The rack is bolted to the perforated side of the adjacent frame, providing additional rigidity to your rack system. By using row spacers, you can minimize torsional forces. Many sizes available: L8'', 12'', 18'' and 24''.

2. Foot plate The footplates are welded or bolted to the uprights. Foot plates are available in standard sizes and special order enlarged sizes.

3. Rack Fasteners The beam and column locking system provides superior protection against damage, tampering and accidental disengagement. Safety pins and snap locks prevent accidental falls from the beam.

4. Pallet support Pallet supports, also known as cross bars, are a simple, cost-effective way to ensure your products get the support they need. Our pallet supports can be quickly installed by placing them on two adjacent beams, creating a strong support channel spanning both beams.

5. Upright Protector Vertical guards keep the pallet rack frame safe from damage by forklifts or other loading equipment by providing strong steel protection at the base. Bright yellow finish for visibility. Available in H12", 18" and 24".

6. Pallet stopper The pallet stops act as a safety mechanism to ensure that the pallet does not fall out of the back of the rack under force. Provides a safe working environment by ensuring that pallets are not pushed back too far by the forklift or pushed away from the other side. Pallet stops are attached to the column beams to prevent unsafe overloading.

Stock Sizes: 12", 18", 24". 7. Barrier This design will protect the entire depth of the frame from forklift impact and is ideal for cross aisles or the end of each pallet racking aisle where forklift traffic is heaviest.

Available sizes: D36, D42, D48. 8. Wire mesh deck Wire mesh decking add extra strength and versatility to any pallet racking system. This decking is ideal for industrial applications as it is designed to help provide additional safety and meet local fire code requirements.

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