Warehouse Steel Mezzanine Floor

Warehouse steel mezzanine floor refers to the raised part of the floor or platform installed between the floor and the ceiling and is used for multiple purposes in certain warehouse operations. They are an excellent choice for increasing storage space and working space in warehouse facilities. But before we discuss how your warehouse can benefit from a mezzanine floor, there are different types of mezzanine available here. Freestanding Steel MezzanineFloor. The freestanding steel mezzanine is a type commonly used to store products and extra parts. It is not a necessary part of the building, but it needs a floor that can accommodate work staff and additional storage space. The freestanding mezzanine is very flexible and can accommodate pallet racking and shelving systems. The building column connects the steel mezzanine. This type of mezzanine depends on the existing building structure as support. This means that if you decide to install a mezzanine connected to a building column, the design of the facility must be able to carry or support heavy objects. This mezzanine can also be connected to the wall and place the remaining columns on the floor.   Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor. The mezzanine supported by the rack is installed above or between the pallet racks. If you choose this type, make sure that the rack system can support the additional load. Compared with the independent steel mezzanine, this one is also more economical because there is already an existing structure. Shelves support the mezzanine. If you need to store smaller items and products next to an existing shelf, the mezzanine supported by the shelf is ideal. You can also add more shelves for extra storage space, or install a deck above as a work area.

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