Warehouse Gravity Flow Racking For Carton Storage

Gravity Racking System Fuction Carton flow rack, also known as gravity roller racking system, rule by FIFO (first in, first out) storage system. Inside a gravity racking system, carton tend to be packed to the storage lane in the launching section as well as given through gravity towards the discharge aisle. Carton tend to be very first positioned on the actual rollers which allow all of them “flow” for the entrance from the racking system. As soon as they’ve glided towards the entrance from the system, the carton relaxation upon pallet halts till they’re unloaded in the choose encounter. Carton tend to be eliminated or even unloaded in the racking system, each one of the pallets which were in it comes ahead 1 placement. This method sometimes happens before the lane is actually empty that pallets tend to be packed to the racking system. Usually gravity flow racking system tend to be hold anywhere from 2 to 25 pallets per lane. Spieth Free Design Program can help with the special requirement gravity flow systems to meet your needs.  
Gravity Roller Pallet Racking Specification(MM)
Uprights Size Thickness Cross Section
55*47 1.5-2.0
Beam 60*40 1.5
Cross Brace 35*15 1.2
Back Cross Brace
Length(MM) Depth(MM) Height(MM)
1500 1000 1800
2000 2000 2000
Common Size, OEM available.