Very Narrow Aisle(VNA) Warehouse Pallet Racking

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is one of the various types of pallet racking systems, its also call The VNA racking system. The main body of the VNA pallet racking is a beam-type racking system. The difference is the three-way stacking forklift which installed on the ground at the bottom of the rack. Rails are made of unequal angle steel. Why VNA Pallet Racking? The special structure of the VNA pallet racking can provide with more options to the warehouse company. In order to use very narrow aisle racking, customers need to equip the warehouse with a specialized forklift. The width of this forklift is more narrow than that of common forklifts while the width of the required aisle also, that's how the layout of the warehouse can be closer and further improved space utilization. What is The Adavantage of VNA Pallet Racking? ●  Fast Storage Efficiency ●  High Storage Density ●  100% Cargo Selectivity