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Gravity pallet flow racking is designed as a system with space saving & structure compact to utilize maximum 'Storage Cube'. Two pathways are designed for loading & picking ends.Pallets flow from one end to another end by gravity force on metal rollers. Hence by default, this system operates on FIFO (First In First Out). This system is designed to store pallets of multiple high and multiple deep. Each level shall be dedicated to one type of SKU only.The racking system is the most economic & efficient storage style for storing items.It is suitable for batch production / storing homogeneous products and expiry date for SKU is critical. This racking has pallet loading on one end and unloading on the other end.   [caption id="attachment_1295" align="alignnone" width="791"] gravity roller pallet racking[/caption]   Customized – Our gravity flow racking can be designed to match your special requirements, including inventory needs. Adjustable – Like all structures, gravity flow racking can be modified quickly, easily and without special tools. If you change your warehouse sizes or change your requirement, this is the best solution. Modular – Our Gravity flow racking can be fully integrated with other structures. Mobile – Gravity Flow rackin can be add with casters so that it can moveable.