Stackable Plastic Spare Parts Storage Bin

Spieth has the most ideal solution for spare parts with our spare parts trays, bins and boxes at the most competitive prices across China. Normally our bins have Yellow, blue and red color, custom color is also available but has a MOQ request with 1000pieces quantity. Features of our spare parts storage bins ●  High- strength modified PP material ●  Below 55 degrees an withstand ordinary acid and alali and various solvents ●  Good moistures resistance, surface water absorption rate is less than 0.01% ●  Adapt to ambient temperature-25 degress to 70 degrees ●  Durable,hygienic,non-toxic and convenient ●  Sturdy,colorful and corrosion resistant Each bin is presented with at least 4 pillars, a piece of transparent board and a label sheet Side ribs for durability Left and right buckles, horizontal fixing The tag buckle is dustproof and easy to maintain

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