Spieth Storage Pallet Racking System

Upright columns of pallet racking system are cold-rolled and processed by continuous roll forming. Upright frames are assembled structure, It is connected with a high-strength safety pin to ensure the safety and reliability of the connection between the beam and the upright during forklift operation. Product Specifications: Pallet racking system consists of a full range of basic components and accessories to fulfill all of your requirements. The system is designed for the optimized storage of goods of all sizes and weights. All components have been thoroughly tested to determine their mechanical properties. These are used to calculate the safe load capacity of each component and ensure that they meet the stringent requirements for Pallet Racking. 1.Common specification as follows: Upright Post: depth 800-1200mm, height 2m-14m Beam standard common length: 2300mm, 2500mm, 2700mm, 3300mm Forklift passage width: 2200mm-3800mm,It can be customized according to the selected forklift and pallet size. 2. Surface Finish: The finish of all painted parts for Pallet racking system is an Epoxy-powder coating polymerized at 180 °C. The standard colors are RAL 5010 (= dark blue) for the frames and RAL 2004 (=pure orange) for the beams. Protectors are painted in RAL 1018 (= golden yellow). Some smaller parts have a galvanized finishing. Special colors are available on request. 3. Components Specifications: