Slotted Angle Steel Shelving

The slotted angle steel shelving is mainly composed of a column, laminate, laminate support, and column foot sleeve. It is very suitable for manual access to lighter goods. The slotted angle steel shelving can store many kinds of small products together with parts boxes. It is widely used in the electronic industry and small parts warehouses.   Structure of Slotted Angle Steel Shelving (1) The shelf column is made of equilateral angle steel with bilateral punching. The hole distance is arranged in a straight line with a distance of 50mm. The column hole is used to hang the laminate; (2) The shelf steel laminate is specially made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is bent on four sides according to the required size, and the laminate can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily; (3) The column and the steel laminate are connected and fixed through quick snap pins and triangular fixing pieces; (4) The slotted angle steel shelving can be used alone or freely spliced into various arrangement modes. The slotted angle steel shelving can realize the anti-static function by changing the plastic spraying powder or laying a special rubber plate. It has the characteristics of low cost, safety, and reliability, simple assembly, and disassembly. Adding a universal wheel mechanism at the foundation can even realize the transfer function. The slotted angle steel shelving belongs to the category of storage shelf with a light load. It is a light duty shelf storage unit. The load capacity of each layer is generally 100-150kg, depending on the material selection. If the customer has some special requirements on load or specification, our company can customize the storage shelf without standards.

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