What are the key points for maintenance of warehouse storage racks?

Maintaining warehouse storage racks is an important guarantee for ensuring the normal operation of the warehouse, safe storage of goods, and saving maintenance costs. In order for the warehouse storage racks to last long during use, correct maintenance measures must be taken. The following details the maintenance points of storage racks.


1. Daily cleaning of warehouse storage racks

1). Clean the warehouse storage racks regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt that may cause damage or rust to the rack surface.

2). Regularly use dust brushes and wipes to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the storage racks. Use a vacuum cleaner and detergent to deal with difficult-to-clean areas. Of course, you need to pay attention to the choice of cleaning agent to match the material and surface treatment of the warehouse rack.

3). Cleaning tools and detergents must be used in accordance with the instructions and operating specifications to avoid damage to the surface and interior of the storage rack caused by human error.


2. Maintenance of sheet metal parts of warehouse storage racks

1). Sheet metal parts often experience physical changes such as strong impact and force extrusion. Therefore, during the maintenance of storage racks, if the sheet metal parts of the racks are found to be deformed or damaged, they need to be replaced or repaired in time.

2). Sheet metal parts of newly purchased or old racks need to be inspected and maintained regularly, and problems found should be dealt with promptly to prevent small problems from developing into major hidden dangers and affecting the service life of the warehouse storage racks.




3. Coating maintenance of warehouse storage racks

1). From the perspective of protecting the warehouse storage racks from rust, the surface of the racks is usually coated or galvanized. Storage racks used to store production equipment or electrical appliances may need an antistatic coating.

2). During the coating process of the warehouse storage rack surface, it needs to be processed in strict accordance with the material, coating standards and specific requirements. Improper coating treatment can easily cause electrification or potential differences, so it is also necessary to strictly follow relevant safety regulations and coating treatment technical specifications.

3). For storage racks that have been painted or galvanized, regular maintenance and upkeep are still required. Check whether the coating is discolored or drilled, and promptly fill or spray paint water or coating compensation agent for repair.


4. Sundries maintenance of warehouse storage racks and cabinets

1). Since the rack cabinets usually contain scrap materials and tools, it is necessary to regularly check whether important parameters such as the fixation of the rack cabinets and the openability and closability of the cabinet doors are normal. If an abnormality is found, it needs to be handled, reset, and adjusted in time.

2). Regularly check whether the handles, handles, racks, and other accessories of the rack cabinets still have good buckling and fixing systems. If problems are found, replace or repair them in time.

3). The locks and keys of the rack cabinets need to be secure and airtight to avoid tampering with debris and people in small gaps.


5. Maintenance of warehouse storage rack solder joints

1). Unless it is a sheet metal welding factory with professional equipment and high technical standards, the welding joints of a warehouse storage rack are made of thin material and produce relatively large stress. Therefore, the welding joints of the rack may break or carbonize. This is because Maintenance personnel are required to regularly inspect and maintain the rack solder joints.

2). For problems with solder joints or cracks, holes, etc., be sure to pay attention to time and consumable expenses when performing repairs, and give priority to safe and economical methods for repairs.


Carry out timely maintenance according to the above maintenance points to prevent warehouse storage rack problems and wear and tear. But more importantly, the purpose of storage rack maintenance is to ensure the structural strength, torsion resistance and balance strength of the warehouse racks to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of goods.