Warehouse drive-through pallet rack to the Netherlands

Spieth drive through rack offers the highest possible densities of pallet storage,it is ideal for fast moving products,which moves on a “pallet-in-pallet-out basis”, the system has a series of tunnels with rails on either side to hold the pallets. Lift trucks can drive into any given tunnel to retrieve or put away pallets. The first pallet in is the last one out unless a drive-through system is used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side.


Features of drive through rack:

*High density storage.

*Applies to cold room with large stock but few goods type.

*First in Last out storage mode.

*Narrow aisle improves space utilization.


Warehouse drive-through pallet rack to the Netherlands


This buyer need drive in racking at year 2022,we sent him many times design and offer, but for a very long time he didn’t confirm us the order,during the days,I kept to follow up with him about this project, sending him our factory tour,project cases,the racking warranty..ect, time flies, thanks for my patience, finally on Jan 19th,2024, we received his order for Drive Through Racks.


L1350*D850*H4350mm,with ground+1 level,max weight capacity: 750kg per pallet position and the selective Pallet Racks L2700*D600*H4875mm,ground+2 levels, max 1500kg per level, total 2 starter bays and 14 addon bays, and the elective Pallet Racks L1400*D600*H4875mm,ground+2 levels, max 750kg per level, total 2 addon bays. All the racks to be powder coated RAL5015 Blue for vertical frames and RAL2004 Orange for horizontal beams, it took around 30days for production,and we loaded the container on March 9th,they received our container at middle of May,he asked us to provide a statement so as to clear at custom, today it is May 21th, this client start to install the racks with professional team,I helped him to solve all the problem he have, he is very happy, now he has space for storage and everything is so organized.