How to choose suitable industrial storage racks?

Industrial storage racks are an indispensable and important part of modern logistics production, because industrial storage racks can better optimize warehouse space, facilitate finding goods, and improve work efficiency. But how to choose the right industrial storage racks? This is obviously a complex issue with multiple factors to consider. Below, we briefly introduce how to choose appropriate industrial storage racks from the perspective of the nature and shape of the goods, storage requirements, warehouse space, etc.




1. Nature and shape of goods

The nature and shape of different goods have different requirements for industrial storage racks. For example, if you are storing fragile goods or chemicals, you need to choose racks with particularly strong materials and stable storage to reduce the risk of damage to the goods; if you are storing long strips of goods, you need to choose racks that can fix the goods and racks that are not prone to collapse. Therefore, when choosing industrial storage racks, you must first understand the nature and shape of the goods stored in your warehouse in order to choose the appropriate racks.


2. Storage requirements

Different warehouses have different storage needs, which will also directly affect the selection of industrial storage racks. Generally, storage racks can be divided into the following types according to different storage needs:

1). Manual extraction racks: Manual extraction racks are usually suitable for warehouse goods with monotonous categories and small quantities. They can be installed or disassembled according to inventory needs. They are essential flexible and convenient racks.

2). Heavy-duty racks: Heavy-duty racks are generally suitable for warehouse goods with relatively large weight and small quantity.

3). Medium-sized racks: Medium-sized racks are usually used to place light, medium-loaded, and large-quantity goods, and the storage load can be flexibly adjusted.

4). Light duty storage shelves: Light duty storage shelves are generally suitable for warehouse goods that are thin, light and large in quantity. They have the advantages of economy and beauty.

According to the actual storage needs of the warehouse, choosing the appropriate rack type and specification can not only meet the storage needs, but also reduce installation and maintenance costs. This is an indispensable consideration when choosing industrial storage racks.


3. Warehouse space

Factors such as the size, height, and shape of the warehouse space also have a great impact on the selection of industrial storage racks. Therefore, when selecting warehouse storage racks, you need to fully consider the balance of warehouse space. If the space is large and the height is high, you can choose elevated racks or heavy-duty racks; if the space is limited, you can choose small racks such as light duty storage shelves and mobile racks; if the space is long and narrow, you can consider using special racks such as mobile racks. Through reasonable layout and construction, not only can the storage efficiency of the warehouse be improved, but also labor costs can be reduced.

To sum up, choosing appropriate industrial storage racks requires full consideration of the nature and shape of the goods, storage needs, warehouse space and other factors. The correct selection and arrangement of industrial storage racks can effectively improve warehouse work efficiency, save time and labor costs, and make warehouse management more efficient.