How to achieve higher storage density within limited storage shelf rack space?

With the development of the global economy and the popularity of the Internet, the modern logistics industry has become increasingly important. One of the cores of the logistics industry is warehousing, especially storage shelf racks. In logistics warehousing, the storage of goods is one of the most important links. How to achieve higher storage density within limited storage shelf rack space is a challenge that every warehouse manager must face. Below we will explore several ways to increase storage density on warehouse racks.


1. High utilization of warehousing space

The most direct way to improve the storage efficiency of racks is to utilize the storage space as much as possible and increase the vertical storage rate of goods. When picking, you only need to use mechanical equipment such as lifts to easily pick, which not only ensures storage density, improves work efficiency, but also saves time and labor costs. This is the most commonly used storage shelf rack design method at present.

However, this method requires attention: when designing storage shelf racks, try to consider the convenience of manual operation. It is necessary to ensure that goods must be stored within the height range that humans can reach. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure safety and reliability when getting on and off the racks.

2. Reasonable selection of storage shelf racks

While increasing storage density, it is also necessary to consider the characteristics of the goods and select racks of different materials, structures and heights. For example, lower-height steel racks can store heavier goods and are easier to operate, while higher-height push-pull racks can be used to store warehouses of different sizes, process accessories and other materials, and batch storage box loading.

Not only that, but you should also pay attention to the storage characteristics of the goods, such as whether the goods are flammable, explosive and other unsafe characteristics. You need to pay special attention to safety issues when choosing storage shelf racks.

3. Adopt reasonable intelligent warehousing technology

Following the tenets of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, technological innovations brought about by scientific and technological progress have promoted the development of smart warehousing. The use of intelligent warehousing technology can realize the automation and intelligence of storage shelf racks, improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase the storage density of goods. For example, the use of technologies such as three-dimensional automatic warehousing systems can greatly improve the storage efficiency of goods.

In short, while improving the storage density of storage shelf racks, three elements need to be paid attention to: the design of storage shelf racks, the selection of racks, and the application of intelligent storage technology. Only by coordinating these three elements can we effectively improve the efficiency of storage shelf racks, achieve higher storage density, and create greater economic benefits.