High quality radio shuttle racking supply by Spieth Storage

Last year, we export a large project to Saudi Arabia, the project including Radio Shuttle racks, Flow carton racks and Selective pallet rack, the total amount of this project is about USD 600,000. The installation team take about 2 months to install them, here I would like to mainly introduce the radio shuttle racks.

Spieth shttle racking system wholesale

The shuttle racking system is one of the racking systems for high-density storage, which have following advantages:
Firstly, ordinary pallet racks can only meet a single access method of first in first out, or first in last out, while shuttle racks can achieve two access methods. Therefore, it is more suitable for Cold industries such as food and medicine that require higher access methods.

Secondly, the shuttle racking system could improve the work efficiency. Compared with ordinary racks, shuttle rack forklifts do not need to enter the rack to access goods, and one worker can operate multiple shuttle vehicles at the same time, which greatly reduces the waiting time for operations and greatly improves work efficiency.

shuttle racking system pallet racking

Thirdly, the racking structure of the shuttle rack is very stable. In addition, the shuttle truck accesses the goods inside the rack and the forklift only needs to operate outside, avoiding the collision of the forklift on the rack, thus ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

Fourthly, the initial investment cost of shuttle racks is higher than that of ordinary racks, but in the later use process, the personnel costs and equipment maintenance costs of shuttle racks are much lower than those of ordinary racks. Therefore, for you who are pursuing long-term interests, the shuttle rack must be the best choice.


However, here are the disadvantages of shuttle racks:

1. In order to ensure the stable operation of the shuttle, there are high requirements for the accuracy of the racks, guide rails and floors.

2. The storage items are single and cannot be accessed randomly.

3. The size of the shuttle board is not standard, and the shuttle boards cannot be used universally.

4. If the equipment fails, the rescue time is relatively long.