Frazier releases new wire screen deck design

In a press conference at MODEX 2020 on Monday, Domenick Iellimo, executive vice president of Frazier Industrial, introduced the company’s new line of wire screens. The screens have been engineered with an internal flare that allows them to tuck-in to the racking level to the beams instead of resting on top.

“The challenge with current, waterfall style welded wire decking is that the wires are frequently bent under the weight of the pallets and products stored on them. Further, being right on the edge of the beam, the wire decking can be easily snagged by a forklift,” Iellimo noted. “That can result in the decking being lifted off the beams, compromising the stability of the load. Or, the damaged decking wires can cause an injury to personnel reaching in to the racking.”

Because the edges of Frazier’s wire screens are secured inside the beams of the racking, those risks are eliminated. “That creates a safer environment, particularly for operations doing hand stacking,” he explained.

Offered in three styles—a reverse connector, a standard connector, and a structural pallet support—the wire screens are not welded to the support member. This allows them to be matched to the proper type and number of structural supports required to meet the capacity needs of a given application.

“The wire screens can be created for multiple rack depths and can be bolted into racking at three different heights to accommodate different beam heights and types,” concluded Iellimo.