Light Duty Slotted Angle Shelving

Using light duty slotted angle shelving to easily solve unique storage problems. You can build what you need anytime, anywhere. Use slotted angle shelves to build a protective frame around your machine or build a platform around an assembly project. Perforated steel angle will also be an excellent choice for display support frames. These unique configurations are useful in museums, retail stores, or schools. Customized slotted angle shelving is suitable for any place where non-standard size storage shelves are required.
Specification of Slotted Angle Shelving
Material Zinc plated steel
Composition Post, panel and accessories
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Layer 4 layers
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Color White
Type Bolted welding/ none welding rack
Length 1000-1500mm
Width 400-500mm
Height 1500mm-1800m
Loading Capacity 100kg/layer
MOQ 50 set
All perforated steel angles are clearly printed on the 3-inch center for quick and easy measurement and cutting. The elliptical horizontal and vertical holes can also accurately adjust the angle. We punched holes along the two edges of the corner pieces. Depending on the style you get, the wider edges have more rows of holes. Heavy-duty steel slotted angles have the widest edges, so there are more options for mounting holes. You can easily cut the perforated steel angle with a Sawzall, hacksaw or miter saw with metal cutting wheels. Accessories include bracket gussets for bolted columns and beams to ensure stability and rigidity. The slotted angle shelving allows you to build structures without drilling or welding. This allows you to stand things up with just a wrench. Our slotted angle shelves are adjustable, so you can change it while building. No need to remove and start again. Just loosen the nuts and bolts and make adjustments in the grooves. After completing the project, you can reuse the offset slotting angle. Our angle steel shelves make our perforated metal angles stand up to daily use. These all-steel parts are galvanized. The finish will not peel off, helping your customized structure withstand the test of heavy use and harsh environments.

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