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It is most widely used in all type of industry for storing the material in the ground floor also in the Mezzanine Floor. The Mezzanine floor platform can be designed as per loading capacity of storage requirement. Mezzanine is made by fabricated structure of steel. The Loading capacity can be designed from 250kg/Sq.m.to 2000kg/Sq. m. Mezzanine floor system is the perfect idea for warehouse storage or office storage use. Composition of Mezzanine Floor Ground part ●  The supportive structure of shelves is the same to the selective pallet racks. ●  For the convenience of installation, and the passage bracing will be set to fix the width of the passage. The upper of Mezzanine Floor ●  Floor Plank: use cold-rolled steel forming the floor plank with the section of 200*40 and 250*40. The floor planks are laid between two rows of shelves. The floor planks can be welded with internal coil grooves (40 * 36 * 1.5) stiffeners or stiffeners according to customer requirements to enhance local load carrying capacity to meet different load bearing and carriage requirements. Each floor plank and floor support are connected by special fasteners, which have high strength, good rigidity and strong stability; (also can choose grille plank, pattern rolling floor plank and hollow floor plank). ●  Floor support: directly rely on the shelf beams that are the same height as the floor, and weld No.3 angle steel on the outside as a floor support. The floor planks are laid on it and fastened to it. The floor and the shelf are integrated into one, which is safe and reliable to use; ●  Barricades: Installed on the edge and both ends of the aisle at the upper mezzanine to ensure safety usage. ●  Stairs: set inside (outside) the mezzanine floor, with an ascending angle of about 40-45 °, with guardrails on both sides;   Beam Structure Specification  
Mezzanine Floor Specification
Length(MM) Width(MM) Height(MM) Material and Surface Treatment
2000 1500 2500 High quality cold stamped steel plateThe surface is sprayed with epoxy resin electrostatic treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-rust.
2000 2000 3500
4000 3000 5000
6000 4000 6000
Above is our common size, OEM available.
Mezzanine floor upright

If you don’t have any specification of the mezzanine floor you are looking for, Contact us. We offer a wide variety of rack supported mezzanines and design for free.