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The selective pallet rack is composed of a set of selective pallet rack vertical frames, which are connected in various ways by horizontal beams, and provide storage for palletized or non-palletized products according to the rack configuration and the beam support used. Selective pallet rack is made up of pallet rack uprights and pallet rack beams and steel pallets typically sit on crossbars. Selective rack is designed for first-in, first-out inventory management, meaning that pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the rack. Double deep selective rack is also available for a last-in, first-out inventory management option. Selective rack enables direct access to all stored pallets or cartons without the need to move others, making it a highly selective solution where it is necessary to have direct access to a wide variety of products stored. However, numerous aisles are required to accommodate this high selectivity, making it a lower density option compared to other types of warehouse racking systems. The selective pallet rack can be integrated with conveyors and other types of storage racking such as carton flow racking to produce a pick module, which helps move product quickly through a warehouse or distribution center. Its main function within the pick module is to replenish picking areas.