High definition Cargo Storage - Dutch Flower Trolley With Caster For Greenhouse – Spieth

Flower Trolley are widely used to grow and transport plants.This is an ideal way to do plant and flower shows and shipping, as well as easily distribute plants to retail stores.The trolley is made up of three parts: columns, shelves and wheels.The trolley we show on the right consists of posts,shelves and wheels.It has four perforated struts that allow the shelves to be adjusted to the customer's desired height.Includesdurable wire mesh racks with 2 rotating wheels and 2 stationary wheels. Advantage ●  Effortless and also cost-effective ●  Regarding multifunctional use perfect for display flowers. ●  The Flower Trolley can be customized ●  Different kind of trolley to suit your greenhouse or other place ●  This Flower Trolley match with Waterproof Plywood Board  
Flower Trolley Specification


53”x22”x75”/77” - 1350x565x1905/1965mm
59”x22”x75”/77” - 1500x565x1905/1965mm
26.5”x22”x75”/77” - 675x565x1905/1965mm
46”x45.9”x75”/77” - 1178x1168x1905/1965mm
52”x24”x75”/77” - 1330x610x1905/1965mm
51.5”x40”x75”/77” - 1310x1020x1905/1965mm
58”x23”x75”/77” - 1480x600x1905/1965mm
50”x21”x75”/77” - 1280x530x1905/1965mm
Surface treatment Hot/Cold dip galvanzied & Powder-coated
Wheels optional PP & PA & PU & COLSON TPR & Other TPR
Flower Trolley Wheels Details