Heavy Duty Industrial Warehouse Pallet Racking and Shelving

Warehouse Racking is made to satisfy the needs from the numerous specifications, assembly and disassembly is extremely easy, based on any kind of warehouse ares. The common uprights specifications are below the sheet. Heavy Duty Pallet Racking dexion type: adjustable along with various kinds associated with forklifts or even stackers, to attain a number of fast access, loading capacity reach up to as much as 5000kg. It is the most often utilized storage space techniques in a variety of warehouse. Extend and expand the knowledge related to warehouse shelves The design of the length of the beam shelf: (1) To understand the specifications of the pallet, if the goods exceed the pallet, it should be calculated based on the excess size. (2) Generally, each layer is designed to put two pallets, the interval between pallets and pallets is 70-100MM (the interval between high shelves is 100MM, and the shorter shelves can be 70MM). If the length of the pallet is small (such as 800MM), three pallets per layer can be considered. Dexion Pallet Racking Uprights
Uprights 80*60*1.8mm
120* 95*2.5mm
Advantage of Warehouse Selevtive Pallet Racking