Heavy Duty Adjustable Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking is the most common pallet racking system, It’s use for large SKU or products in warehouses to save your warehouse space and area, allow you easy to loading and unloading your pallets. Usually has single rows placed at the walls and back-to-back rows placed in between.


      ●  More usage: Match with your industry with our selective pallet racking. It’s easy to accommodate lift trucks, forklifts.

      ●  More space: Maximizes your warehouse space not just increased the warehouse area, but use pallet racking to enlarge space usage without extra cost.

      ●  More convenient: Direct access the pallet loading and unloading. By the rules of FIFO(First-in-First-Out) Selective pallet racking allow access to every pallet. Simple to install and reconfigure

      ●  More Cheaper: Save a lot money on your warehouse storage.

Beams Section



Uprights Section 80*60/90*70/100*70/120*95

Uprights and Beams


The Spieth selective pallet racking designed to meet any pallet size or weight, it can be work with forlift or hand pallet truck. A wide range of accessories is available to accommodate your storage needs.