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Boltless shelving can be a widely used safe-keeping shelving systems, as its names, this type of shelving will not demand of bolts and nuts, which can be known as regarding the way rivets are usually related involving the column, and contains the particular qualities regarding hassle-free disassembly. Normally 3-5 layers and the loading capacity up to 200kg per layer, perfectly to store bulk goods and some light duty cargo.   Benefits of Light Duty Boltless Shelving 1. The boltless shelving construction will be hassle-free regarding disassembly and also assemblage; the bottom make contact with comes with plastic-type toes. 2. Boltless shelving can be suitable with wood panel or steel panel, various type and color for your choice. 3. Following your demand with the corner are usually refined and also produced, all of our boltless shelving will be finishing pickling, phosphating, programmed powdered electrostatic spraying and also drying. Make sure our light duty boltless shelving will be non-rusty. 4. Each shelving can be easily back-to-back store. 5. Free for shelving accessory parts. 5 years of quality guaranteed.