Factory source 2×4 Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh - Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking Panels – Spieth

Wire Mesh Decking use for shelves and pallet racking system to easy stocking and picking, provide the additional safety for pallet rack applications throughout your warehouse. the material handling equipment. Glavanized or powder coating to prevent rusty and corrosion. Wire mesh decking is far superior to wood decking due to its strength and safety features. Galvanized wire mesh decking 1. U Channel The U channel wire deck fits all standard 1 5/8" Step beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel. 2. Flare Channel The flare channel is a universal channel, fitting on box, step and structural pallet rack beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel. 3. Inverted Channel We offer our customers the option to invert their wire deck channel. The inverted channel is used to keep dust, dirt, and other particles out of the channel.
Wire Mesh Decking Specification
Size(Inch) Wire Size(Inch) Wire Guage(MM) Total Weight(KG)
36*46 2.5*4.5 5.5/5.26 8.8/8.33
42*46 11.44/10.91
44*46 11.94/11.39
48*46 12.99/12.39
36*52 9.24/8.73
42*52 11.93/11.35
44*52 12.45/11.86
48*52 13.55/12.9
  Select the Wire Mesh Decking channel and waterfall is based on the type of beam your warehouse using for. Flared Channel   U Channel                     Wire Mesh Decking Drawing (two types) [caption id="attachment_1388" align="alignnone" width="560"] wire mesh decking drawing[/caption]