Drive In Racking For Warehouse Cold Room Storage

Drive-in and drive-through pallet rack are storage rack configurations that allow the forklift to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows. Drive-in Pallet Racking produces efficiencies through decreasing section launching as well as unloading occasions, however permitting higher entry when compared with block-stacking. Placement pallets upon front-to-back bed rails enables series to become piled following to one another properly as well as effectively This particular racking system is actually the most suitable with regard to producers associated with items which are manufactured in order, or even within warehouse procedure exactly where you will find restricted items SKU as well as pallets can't be properly obstructed or even piled. Commonly used within cold room storage that need optimum utilization of room for that storage space associated with items inside a managed heat.


First-in Last-out Drive in Racking System Drive Through Pallet Racking 

  Main Parts

 Frame, beam, Connect Arm, Support rail, Bracer and Post Protector

  Load Capacity


  Surface Treatment

 Powder Coating


 1. LIFO(last in first out) /FIFO(first in first out) configurations;  2. Better use of floor area and height space;

 3. Designed around the combination of your pallets and forklifts


 Blue/Orange or as your requirement

  Delivry Time

 within 15 days for the ordinary quantity;

 Big qty will make a special arrangement as your schedule

Drive in racking Drawing