Double Deep Pallet Racking system supplied by Spieth Storage

Double Deep Pallet Racking system is different of adjustable pallet racking systems or compact storage systems.

In double deep pallet racking,the unit loads are stored by forklifts mechanically moving along the aisles arranged in parallel to the racking systems. In double deep pallet racking system,the pallets are stored at two depths,achieving higher storage density,also access to the pallets remains simple and relatively quick. Unlike adjustable pallet racking,in double deep pallet racking,the operator does not have direct access to all the pallets stored. Double deep pallet racking must be used with special forklifts prepared for this type of system,equipped with telescopic forks or with an especially designed pantograph mechanism to correctly access the second pallet.

Double deep pallet racking is a highly efficient and robust system,with easy assembly and ajustment of load levels. Furthermore,it is adjustable for racking perfectly adapted to goods of different weight or volume. Double deep pallet racking systems increase the available storage space,by simply storing the pallets at two depths instead of one. The 2 pallets are accessed from the same aisle,reducing the number of aisles by half compared to the adjustable pallet racking system. In short,double deep pallet racking increases warehouse storage density by reducing aisles and increasing storage locations. As direct access is only available for front unit loads,the double deep system for managing LIFO (Last in,First out) stock is recommended for storing identical or high rotation products.

Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking System: (*)Increase storage capacity more than adjustable pallet racking system. (*)Access to the pallets continues simple and relatively quick,maintaining 50% immediate accessibility and reasonable rotation of goods. (*)System with a good use of all the available locations,generally above 80-90%. (*)Storage density between adjustable pallet or selective racking system and a high-density compact system. (*)LIFO (Last in,First out) system,where the last pallet deposited on the racking will be the first one to leave. (*)More efficient system,eliminates unnecessary aisles increases the use of available space. (*)Double deep pallet racking systems adapt to any type of unit loads. (*)The same to adjustable pallet racking systems,the assembly and disassembly process and replacement of components is quick and simple. (*)Saves time and effort in the handling of unit loads,generating fast stock rotation. (*)The design of double deep pallet racking enables its reconfiguration or extension according to the storage needs. (*)High level of safety thanks to the variety of accessories that it can incorporate. (*)Our uprights and frames of double deep pallet racking systems are pre-galvanised and include an innovative traceability system.

Main applications of Double Deep Pallet Racks : Double deep pallet racking systems,due to their similarities to the adjustable pallet racking system,are a very versatile and adaptable solution to a wide range of storage needs. However,their greater storage capacity and reduced accessibility to the unit loads make their application especially recommended for warehouses with the following characteristics: (*)Warehouses for products with more than one pallet per special storage unit. (*)Homogeneous or identical product warehouses. (*)Stock of Warehouses have a medium or long-term useful life. It is not recommended for very perishable products as the double deep pallet racking is a LIFO type system. (*)Warehouses with a high-performance stock management system and restricted access to all the pallets is not a problem. (*)Warehouses need balance between the accessibility or selectivity of the unit loads and the increase in storage capacity.

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