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Spieth rack supported mezzanine floors is a very practical way to use the space above racking. integrate pallet racking into the floor space below the mezzanine to support the above floor and the cargo on the mezzanine. Together with our mezzanine floor steel columns, the mezzanine floor is more secure, use multi level system, also maximize the warehouse area below.

[caption id="attachment_1274" align="alignnone" width="560"] mezzanine floor racking[/caption]

The Benefits of using Rack supported mezzanine:

      ●  Mezzanine Flooring allow the entire operating elevation of the creating to become utilized in order to it's optimum through doubling the top region. This provides extra area for the small warehouse.

      ●  Spieth Mezzanine Flooring offers free design to suit all kinds of clients requirement, perfectly match your warehouse storage.

      ●  Mezzanine Flooring allows you to use in different many industry, warehouse, food industry, factory etc.

      ●  Setting up the Mezzanine floor racking is actually the most affordable method of optimising your own current warehouse. Easy install without any special cost.

      ●  Mezzanine flooring offer doubling your warehouse storage capacity, and don't even raising up your warehouse rent.

      ●  Mezzanine flooring tend to be simple to set up, we offer up to 5 years guarantee (Except for the damage by the false operation) to protect your storage systems.

Beam Structure Specification  
Mezzanine Floor Specification
Length(MM) Width(MM) Height(MM) Material and Surface Treatment
2000 1500 2500 High quality cold stamped steel plateThe surface is sprayed with epoxy resin electrostatic treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-rust.
2000 2000 3500
4000 3000 5000
6000 4000 6000
Above is our common size, OEM available.
Mezzanine floor upright

If you don’t have any specification of the mezzanine floor you are looking for, Contact us. We offer a wide variety of rack supported mezzanines and design for free.