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Very narrow aisle pallet rack (VNA pallet rack) is adapted from the standard adjustable selective pallet racking system. However, it is compressed into a very small area, creating a high-density storage system that can increase the capacity of the warehouse without expanding the space. It is called a very narrow aisle pallet rack (VNA pallet rack) because its forklift handling channel is relatively narrow. In very narrow aisle pallet racking systems, pallet racks are placed closer than other pallet racking solutions because they use side-loading forklifts for loading and unloading; narrowing the aisle to maximize storage space utilization. Maximize product storage and warehouse floor space. The width of the VNA aisle is usually 6.6 feet, which is 44% more floor space than a selective pallet racking system. Characteristics of VNA Pallet Rack The biggest feature of the narrow aisle rack is that the aisle is much narrower than the general pallet rack type, about 1600mm-2000mm, which greatly improves the space utilization of the warehouse. With the skyrocketing housing prices, narrow aisle racks are loved by many enterprise warehouses. This rack needs to be equipped with a special forklift (three-way stacker ). This is another feature of it. Due to the narrow aisle, it requires the skills of the master of the forklift. The driving skills must be more skilled and work normally. Secondly, after the installation of the VNA pallet rack, there are guide rails about 200mm high (the guide rails can be prepared during civil construction, or the shields can be used when installing the shelves) as the guidance system of the forklift, reducing forklift drivers' human factors.