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Boltless Rivet Shelving Description Being joined together with rivets, this shelving can be fitted at their length, weight and height randomly. Boltless rivet shelving has elegant looking, fast and easy to disassemble and assemble without special tools. Our boltless rivet shelf is available in various specifications and designs as the clients needs, OEM/ODM. The shelf can be equipped with steel shelf, wood shelf or wire mesh deck.
Light Duty Boltless Shelving Specification
  Boltless rivet shelving
Capacity 200kg per layer
Color Black/Red/Blue/Grey/Customized
Size 70x30x150cm /90x40x180cm /90x45x180cm/120x60x180cm/ Customized
MDF Board Thickness 5mm/6.2mm/6.8mm/7.6mm/ Customized
Frame thickness 0.8mm/1.2mm/1.3mm
Beam thickness 1.2mm/1.5mm/1.8mm
Beam style C-style/ Z-style/ L-style
Shelf style MDF /Steel/Galvanized /Wire Mesh
Layer 3-5 layers
Finish Powder Coated/ Galvanized
Used Shops, Supermarkets, Home, Warehouses...